The history of Freudenberg

-500 The first signs of a lasting settlement stem from the years 500 BC to 200 AD. The reason for the settlement is probably the iron ore found in the area.
1389 After this time there is a long period in which there are no traces of a settlement. The first certain traces of settlers in what today is the town of Freudenberg can be found after that time with the mentioning of the castle and accompanying settlers in official documents dating back to 1389.
1456 In the year 1456 the people of Freudenberg were granted market borough rights by Johann Count of Nassau in a Liberty Charter.
1540 In 1540 the town burned down to its foundations. Not only the centre of the town but also the castle were completely destroyed. Wilhelm the Rich, Count of Nassau and Katzenellenbogen ordered the rebuilding of the town and the castle.
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